BACnet Schedule Manager - Web    

The software solution allows the modification of BACnet weekly schedules and exceptions via a graphical web interface.

also see our "BACnet Scheduler for DBS" solution

  Functional overview      

The Software driver runs as a web server with password protection for increased security. Users can select the Schedules from a pre-engineered list, choose new weekly schedules or additional exceptions manually or from templates. The data is then written to the the BACnet devices. The solution means multiple schedules can be modified from one action. Lists of schedules and exceptions are represented as buildings and areas that can be selected. Graphical representation of weekly schedules or date bases exceptions can be added, deleted and modified. Once written the user is presented with a list of the devices and the results. Related users can be emailed with notification of the changes.

" Multiple BACnet networks using BACnet/IP. " Support for Local networks " Support for remote networks using FDT. " Web browser based interface. " User security using password protection. " Read back schedules and exceptions. " Write schedules and exceptions. " Housekeeping management for expired exceptions. " Save and recall profiles for Exceptions. " Print results of operations " Automatic logging of management events " Automated and configurable email. " Backup and Restore databases, logs and profiles. " Image and test can be customised to suit the target audience.
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