BACnet LPB Solution    

The software solution allows BACnet and to communicate with the Devices on the LPB Bus.

With the fully featured driver all the relevant data regarding the device such as I/O, Setpoints, Schedules and Alarms can be shared, monitored and modified between the building automation BACnet and the LPB System. Datapoints can be trended and the software driver comes complete with a logging facility, monitoring overview windows and engineering guidelines

  Functional overview      

The Software driver connects LPB Networks with BACnet. I/O Datapoints, setpoints, parameters and schedules can be read andw ritten via BACnet. Devices such as the Siemens RVL range of controllers can be included into a BACnet network and operated as virtual BACnet devices.

  Engineering overview      
A powerful and flexible engineering process allows users to quickly engineer and commission the solution using templates.
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