BACnet MBus Solution - Energy Central    

The software solution allows BACnet clients to communicate with up to 4 mbus masters in parallel on RS232 or RS485, or mbus devices on IP. With the fully featured driver all the relevant data regarding the MBus devices can be read back on a scheduled or permanent basis. The solution also supports the Siemens RVD Controllers, where the interface can also read and write the setpoints and time schedules.

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  Functional overview      

The Software driver generates BACnet Devices for each engineered MBus devices. Each datapoint is mapped as configurable BACnet Object.Each of the four mbus master trunks operate independantly alllowing for a fast update time even on the larger system installations.Datapoints can have Trends automatically generated, whils the Interface also offers minumum, maximum ans average calculations for monitored datapoints. Devices are read back continuously, per minute, per hour, per day, per week or per month. The Engineering is a simple but powerful combination allowing simple commissioning together with flexibitly for special devices. Other features such as pushing data to FTP Server and file locations ensure the Energy Central is a powerful collator of data.

  WEB Interface      
The solution offers a password protected web server. Users can see the opration of the interface, or be restricuted to only certain devices on the bus. the Web user can graphically monitor datapoints and for the Siemens RVD devices for example, visualise and modify the Schedules as well as write setpoints.
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