BACnet and OPC for Zumtobel Litenet    

The software solution allows BACnet and OPC clients to communicate with the Zumtobel Lighting systems.

With the fully featured driver all the relevant data regarding the lighting system such as Scene reading and setting, Light intensity and Alarm situations can be shared between the building automation BACnet or OPC Client system and the Zumtobel Ligting System.

  Lighting supported Status operation      
The Software driver allows the BMS BACnet or OPC clients to read the Dimming Levels, Blind Positons ands Slat angles, Window positions, Current Scene, Raim, Outdoor Temperature, Wind direction, wind speed, Device common error alarms and Occupnacy messages.
  Lighting supported Operation      
The software interface allows the BACnet or OPC Clients to adjust the brightness levels of artificial light, adjust blind position and slat angle. Adjust window position and change scenes.
  Logging Facility and monitoring graphic page      
iAn event logging facility is included with the solution. This feature can be enabled or disabled as required.
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