OPC Server Hotel Booking Solution    

The software solution allows OPC clients to communicate with the Hotel booking systems from Fidelio, Hilton, Protel and Brilliant. With the fully featured driver all the relevant data regarding the room status, equipment and guest information can be shared between the building automation OPC Client system and the hotel booking system.

also see our BACnet, AMX, UDP and OPC Client solutions for hotel booking

  PMS supported function      
The Software driver supports the start up functions LS [link start], LA [link alive], LE [link end] and DS [database sync]. Room Status is defined by GI [guest in] and GO [guest out].Other features such as RE [Room Equipment], XL [Guest Message] and LR [Locator] are also available. Please check for the system details for PMS support of the feature sets.
  Start up routines and Object mapping      
Conforming to the FIAS communications routine the driver will initiate communications and inform the hotel booking system regarding the required information. The driver will then request a database synchronisation to ensure the OPC TAG status.The PMS room allocation and status information is received by the driver on start-up and on any change and is mapped to the relevant Objects.
  Logging Facility and monitoring graphic page      
An event logging facility is included with the solution. This feature can be enabled or disabled as required.
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