Technology Workshops    

With over 25 years of protocol experience, INTEGRATED offer technology workshops and webinars for customers wishing to learn or improve their knowledge.

From standard learning modules through to tailored workshops, we offer the right solution for you.


Starting at the INTRODUCTION module and moving on to the FOUNDATION module will give you an understanding of the features and functions of the topic.

Continue with the SUPPORT module and you will have the necessary exposure to the details and personality of the topic with a practical working knowledge.

For those that wish to create their own products we offer a DEVELOPER module where you learn to develop a product using one of our Platforms.

The learning modules are grouped together to offer a clear path. INTRODUCTION plus FOUNDATION, SUPPORT and DEVELOPER. Choose your path from the modules to reach your required level of knowledge.
Each training workshop provides the learning material and tools needed. Participants leave the training course with documentation, tools, simulation software and a course certificate.
The training modules are held at the following locations: London, Manchester, Glasgow, Zurich, Dubai, Melbourne, San Francisco.
As well as being available for customers locations.
We also provide tailor-made workshops and modules to suit our customers’ needs. To discuss the possibilities please Us.
WeWe offer webinar modules for customers wishing to understand topics from the comfort of their desk. Generally these are offered on a one to one basis to maximise the learning time for the participant. Group webinars are available as a tailored module.
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